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Morningstar, Inc. is a global financial services firm headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, United States. It provides an array of investment research and investment management services. Joe Mansueto founded Morningstar in 1984.

An employee shares 7 reasons why he's disappointed, "1.Unprofessional work environment and team at Morningstar 2. Employee unfriendly HR 3. No job security(Hire and Fire anytime) 4. Regional Politics in Mumbai office 5. Involved in unethical practices. 6. Highly harassing Managers. 7. No professional career growth"


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Current Employee - Associate Manager Research Analyst says

"We’re sorry to hear about your experience with our manager research associate program. We wanted to take a moment to respond to your comments specifically around the associate program. Our associate program is designed for recent college graduates who are interested in the research and analysis career track at Morningstar. Associates work alongside more senior members of the team to research and recommend forward-looking ratings on funds and other investment vehicles. They participate in every part of the research process, conducting analysis on portfolios, interviewing portfolio managers, formally recommending ratings to the ratings committees, writing reports and presenting to institutional clients. As they progress, they take on increasing ownership for this work and are assigned their own coverage list. Successful associates make great candidates for the analyst program and a number have been promoted to analyst roles in recent years. Associates also have the opportunity to contribute to articles and longer form research pieces and have made meaningful contributions to our research effort. So, for example, an associate helped author this year’s installment of our widely read Target Date Report and presented at a webinar to clients. A former associate who was promoted to analyst takes the lead on our well-received research into 529 savings plans. Others are regular contributors to We often hear from analysts and associates alike that writing is an important part of the job. In our experience those who love to write, are intellectually curious, and relentless in digging into their research assignment lists flourish in the job. We’re grateful for the contributions of our associates and hope that we’ll continue to attract top-notch talent into this program. If you are open to meeting with a member of our team to share more ideas for how we can improve, please reach out to your current manager or a member of our Talent and Culture team."

Current Employee - Director says

"We’re sorry to hear you didn’t have a satisfying experience at Morningstar. However, there are some concerning and inaccurate statements in your review. It sounds like there’s a gap between your experience and the feedback we receive on a continuous basis from our people around the world. First, our company was built around supporting our people and providing the best opportunities to advance and build a long career and we are especially proud of the many 10, 15 and even 20 year tenured employees, We have very low turnover as a result which speaks to how satisfied our people are working here. And, we think our office space is pretty spectacular! Many of the reviewers here have pointed that out as a benefit they enjoy quite a bit. Creating a modern, open space was something we pioneered, and many leading companies have shifted to this over the years. That said, the reality of COVID-19 and how we work together puts everyone in the position to begin planning how to reconfigure and ensure safety protocols are in place in our offices for the foreseeable future. Our business continuity team has been working around the clock to support our people and reinforce that each employee’s safety comes first. Recent employee survey feedback shows that 97% of the people who have worked in our global offices found the office safe, clean and that Morningstar was well-prepared. Prior to the crisis, our global workplace and design teams were in the process of developing plans for enhancing our space in our largest offices to better support our growing teams and provide well-being areas, private telephone rooms and more. We know that Morningstar is not the right culture and environment for everyone, and we’re sorry it didn’t meet your expectations. We wish you the best of luck in your next career challenge."

Former Employee - MDP says

"not clear about expectations, customer service representative, learn nothing"

Former Employee - Vice President, Senior Analyst says

"There is a lot wrong with the organization."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Everything else. But since 5 words are required here, I'll say KUNAL KAPOOR."

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"Low pay and little financial upside for talented software engineers. Senior management continues to overlook how much talent is walking out the door due to below industry comp. Overarching strategy to contain wages disrupts project goals when staff leave."

Current Employee - MDP says

"Underpaid, the C Suite level caps the wages of the MDP way below industry average. They will then give you a small raise every 6 months, no matter if you perform below or above average. There is zero incentive to go above and beyond at Morningstar and it shows as a culture. They are incredibly secretive over wages because they know they are paying everyone poorly."

director (Current Employee) says

"all they need is cheap labor. they got all the managing people from their chicago booth school. dont expect to become anyone. if u do your job better than anyone but dont take notes, they will tag u as no good. politics matter more than merit"

N/a (Former Employee) says

"Obsolete technology Management obsessed with their personal promotability Accounting that runs the company into the ground Elevators obscenely slow; reflects the company as a whole"

Caregiver (Former Employee) says

"This company is unethical. They work you short. The nurse is negligent. The ED and corporate do not address concerns. The turn over is ridiculous and the level of care is back breaking. The building is beautiful and the food is good. Care staff works hard but they feel they have to since being dehumanized by the nurse."

Dietary (Former Employee) says

"I didn't like working here, it was unclean because everyone wanted to get their job done quick and the management sucked very unprofessional. I wouldn't recommend."

Tech sector (Former Employee) says

"Very unstable organization. Only good for college graduates and pre-retirement ages Very lazy environmentUnstable"

unusual situation (Former Employee) says

"If you are an experienced, qualified, and educated professional do not go there. They base their workforce on inexperienced college graduates who grow with a low salary and expectations. They give perks which people cannot use because of tons of work and no resources. Therefore people mostly forced to skip their time off plus work overtime because of the understaffed situation. Other unpleasant nuances are: no privacy, people clustered in teams at the plain tables; open floor plan (there are no even cubicles) causes a lot of sick people been in a flu season. no privacy, people clustered in teams at the plain tables, open floor plan (there are no even cubicles) causes a lot of sick people been in the flu season."

Enterprise Relationship Manager (Former Employee) says

"No collaboration between departments or teams. Management do nothing to fix the issue and therefore, work is unnecessarily stressful. Extremely low pay. Long hours. I got out of there as soon as I saw what this company is about!"

Asia Pacific Copy Editor (Former Employee) says

"Miserable pay and miserable managers. They change they job requirements with no discussion then use that to keep you in line, claiming you're not meeting job requirements you have no knowledge of. Management is exclusive, not inclusive. Training is made your responsibility, no one offers any help. Computer systems are unwieldy a unreliable. There are 10 different computer programs you are expected to use in any given day - with little to no training.Poor pay, poor management, poor computer systems, poor training, bad culture."

Program Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I was in charge of residential homes for children that had mental health and mental retardation. Follow CYS and juvenile licensing and residential 6400 regulations. Write behavioral support plans and restrictive procedures. Develop person center planning. Hiring, fire, and ensure caregiver training requirements. trained staff in medication and goal planning.working with the children and learning new thingsowners were demanding and critical of everything"

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"I was floored at how bad Morningstar was as a place to work. There was absolutely no support from lower level management. One of my managers was very hypocritical. They would repeatedly say one thing and then do the exact opposite. There was no formal training program with any kind of measurable metrics or benchmarks. Everything was open ended and very ill defined. I reported to multiple people and routinely received conflicting feedback from them. Overall, just an extremely poor place to work. I really expected a lot more from Morningstar.Good benefits. Good work/life balance.Very poor lower level management."

Data Management Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Poor training. Poor management. If you did not fit in their click, you were set up to fail. Lots of Drama - It was like being in high school. You were required to do little games as a part of team building. It wasn't beneficial to the job."

Caregiver (Current Employee) says

"I loved my residents, talking to them every day was the best thing i did for them. Getting to know someones life and what the did with is was always what i was looking for when i went work, the hardest part of the day was when am getting off knowing i wont be there for another two days."

Market Data Analyst (Former Employee) says

"This is a company that operates a facade. They try to appear as a company that is providing fintech services for investors with its market data offerings and morningstar direct platform. However, the culture within the London office is one of division. Pitchbook(the recent acquisition) sit on the lower floor with the other departments in other levels of the london office. The teams never collaborate and the toxicity of senior management leads to frequent reviews which do not seek to help you to improve within your jobs. They then try to mask the poor management with useless employee perks such as free breakfast on wednesdays and free coke."

Data Research Analyst (Current Employee) says

"I would have given 5 stars to mosrningstar just a year before, but now it has drop down its goodwill to a bpo level. From being an employee friendly company it is now prgressing towards unfriendly company. Top management is disgrace to the company hired from lower bpo companies they behave as if they own morningstar.nothingmany to be listed"

Client Support Representative (Former Employee) says

"Low pay, little to no advancement unless you are willing to work in Chicago. They only care about the employees in Chicago and making sure they do as little as possible.No manyEverything"

Outreach Worker (Former Employee) says

"Was a great place to worship but a very difficult place to work. There is a breakdown in the communication and the expectations are unclear. The work environment was fun most of the time."

Electrician Helper (Current Employee) says

"A typical day at work generally is non stop fast pace but relaxed atmosphere. I learned how to install wires and other electrical equipment as well as electrical codes. Management is not the best but always around for help when needed. All co workers are one man teams that are good at whatever the job detail entails. A very diverse group. The hardest part of the job is trenching by far.The most enjoyable part of the job was learning new things everyday and applying it.10991099"

warehouse tech (Former Employee) says

"They ran 24/7 12 hr shifts. Upper management was out of touch with workers. warehouse had too many managers who had conflicting styles"

McDonalds Crew Trainer (Former Employee) says

"My position was among one of the highest but I was still being paid the base while everyone else was getting more then me. I spoke about it and they said they’ll fix it and it was never fixed"

Tractor Trailer Driver (Current Employee) says

"The instructors are good. Well at least some of them. They don’t tell you everything you need to know before you go out on the job. Dispatch is a joke. All a bunch of little high school girls who don’t know what they’re doing."

Steve K says

"Tried to get a premium trial but the payment system wouldn't accept any of my cards so I didn't even start it. 14 days later they tried to take money from my account. I wrote to them explaining that I hadn't had the trial because their IT had failed. The "help" centre sent me a stock response saying they always take money after the trial period has ended and that I couldn't have a refund, but they would turn off the auto renew. They then closed the help ticket so I couldn't reply to tell them that they hadn't bothered to read my original email."

Mr John Brittaine says

"I have rang the UK Morningstar head office number in London (as per Google search) and tried various options such as zero to speak to reception, 2 to speak to help with the website and on all four occasions my call has been cut off before speaking to anybody. I then called a sales telephone number for Morningstar which ended up in Mumbai, I explained my problem and then the line went dead. I rang back again and explained the problem to the Mumbai office for a second time and they did not seem particularly bothered that my phone call kept getting cut off. I then tried to sign up to the Premium service as Morningstar no longer allow Financial Express access to the their fund research sheets, hence forcing us to subscribe to a service with them but the website gave a message stating that it was experiencing issues creating the premium subscription so was unsuccessful. So far I have wasted an hour and have got absolutely nowhere. Zero customer service, that is if you can get through and not get cut off. Amazing to think Morningstar charge fund management groups to interview them and publish their results only to make these result nigh-on-impossible for Financial Advisers to access."

Eugenio Leijten says

"I opted for a free 14 day trial service in good faith. Managed to cancel within the 14 days and guess what, they still took my money! Avoid, avoid, avoid."

rm dire says

"It is the most frustrating website and annoying customer service experience.
I paid for a premium service and I spent most of my time waiting for pages to
to load or refresh away from 404 and 500 messages. The website is slow slow slow
And the advertising is continuous. But most recently I am seeing some really
strange website behaviour , pages loading with continuous popups, interstitial advertising etc.
The search bar only works from the home page. The cache apparently has to be cleared every few days….The list goes on and on.
I need a financial website I can trust and Morningstar is not it.
I cancelled my account, I sent an email explaining why and they sent me a standard “its your browsers fault” email back.
I sent an email asking not to be contacted again and they sent another email back to me.
I think they enjoy angering consumers; It’s obvious they don’t read consumers emails.
Don’t waste your money."

Rodney Van Royden says

"Bad service. Robots."

Patrick says

"I was looking for stock advice and came across Morningstar. I tried the 14 day free premium service and it was a BIG MISTAKE! My 14th day fell on the weekend. I ended up cancelling the following Monday. Once I cancelled, I called to see about the prorated refund. The lady told me that if I would have called to cancel I would get my money back, but since I did it online there was nothing that she could do.

This is a BIG SCAM and not worth it! The Premium service does nothing for you and they want you to try the 14 day premium hoping that you will forget like I did. They should be ashamed of their business practice!"

João says

"This company does not providing a cancellation of trial period. It seems like a SCAM to get your money. BEWARE"

George Manlosa says

"This company steals money by not providing a cancellation of trial period. I will get a lawyer."

Alex Morrison says

"If your an investment trust investor you may as well cancel your subscription, since the changes to the site nearly all functionality has been lost. I’ve contacted them and got nowhere, absolutely useless"

Walter Gainer says

"Trial Membership Can't cancel on weekends
You can't remove your credit card
you can't cancel online
You can't delete your profile
You can't email to cancel
You must call between normal business hours.
It's Saturday and I did not know this.
I called my bank and they will assist me to contest this.
If the service is so good why do they make it so hard to cancel? Well I wanted to cancel because the service does not deliver as promised. If they did, I would not cancel. This is a 7B dollar company I am shocked.

I will call on Monday, but if the bank can't prevent the charge, then I will have to beg for my money back."

David says

"Tried signing up for a premium subscription. Didn't work, tried calling customer services was like pulling teeth. Useless."

GJ D says

"Just deplorable level of customer service as a Financial Advisor. Links were constantly down to Custodian, and third-party vendors. Spent ALL of my time trying connect Morningstar back to vendors and links. Data was always old and outdated.
Customer service was at a high school level, at best. You could never speak with anybody intelligent, who could actually solve a problem.
Good luck getting any customer service -- ever!"

helka says

"I have the same experience as other reviewers, its impossible to get through on the phone to cancel a free trial subscription. I notice the same number is associated on other sites with other scamming schemes. I don't even know if the call is costing me money.
Once you have signed up the number to stop the subscription is hard to find and there is little recognition from the service that you are a premium member as it keeps asking you to join and there seems no benefit from doing so."

Tam Tran says

"Frauds. I can't cancel my 14 day trial. Please join me in contacting the ACCC about this.

For those caught up in this scam - update your credit card details to a fake VISA number. Something like: 4111111111111111"

Joseph Rogers says

"I signed up for the free trial and now they are making it difficult for me to cancel. Making me jump through hoops.. The free trial will be over shortly and i am going to be charged. There is no simple cancel function on the morningstar website. Its really sad. I will be filing a charge back with my credit card provided."

Mike Winfrey says

"I have been a Morningstar Premium customer for 10+ years. This morning the company had a major software problem dropping at least my account update (not sure how many more). This is the 4th problem with my Premium account - the prices are right, the shares are right, but my daily portfolio calculations and totals did not work. In addition, there are no "look back" tools (what was my account on 12/31/19 vs now) but it is "in development".

I'm done - Personal Capital rates #1 in the five surveys I've read - Morningstar only rates #3 in one. I canceled this morning and we'll see how it goes at Personal Capital."

John says

"Near the end of every year the daily returns on many of the funds shows losses that are several percentage off from the actual performance for that day. I have never found an explanation for this. It takes a lot of manual editing to keep the portfolio manager accurate. What a hassle!"

Bruce M says

"Some good features but lousey customer support. I wanted to download to a .CSV file, a feature which worked at one time and then failed. I spent 6 months trying to get them to fix it and finally worte a LETTER to their CTO (Chief Technical Officer) That got results! They totally removed the feature!!!! Good service and I am a premium user. Now they are putting ads on the portfolio page which takes up a LOT of screen space, making the facility harder to use. As a premium user, I don't think I should have have to suffer from advertising. If there was another game in town, I would be there."

Heinrich Van Scheer says

"their returns are super average. They also have legal loopholes that you have to jump through in order to cancel after the trial period is up."

Matt Thurmond says

"Good offering, but not being able to cancel online is a major hassle. Forcing the user to call a number for no reason just isn't good practice anymore. If I can sign up online, I should be able to cancel online." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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